Bioenergetic Resonance


Meditation Resonances

Meditation resonances are sounds that I have specifically designed to use them as helpers in the practice of meditation.

You should use them with headphones, at low volume, while focusing on the sound.

If you have hearing problems or epilepsy, consult your physician before using them.

Never use the sounds while driving or performing any dangerous activity.

If you want, you can play the audios below. You can also DOWNLOAD a zip file containing the two one-hour audios by CLICKING HERE  (keep in mind that it is larger than 300mb).

It is necessary that you have a key activated to open its bioenergetic functioning. More information by clicking here.

For complete instructions on how to meditate head on the chapter dedicated to meditation in my blog by clicking here.

Human Spirit

Throughout history, different mystical schools have intuited that human beings were capable of aligning or tuning themselves into different energies that promoted their spiritual development. One of these energies is that of the Human Spirit. This is an information field, a mold or matrix that contains all the variations and possibilities existing within the human realm. Use this sound to increase your alignment with the Human Spirit.

Universal Love

Every self-respecting spiritual aspirant must also cultivate his alignment with Universal Love. Generally misunderstood in the New Age movement, Universal Love is one of the six foundations of reality. It is the energy that allows life to appear, agglutinating or temporarily bringing together the abstract Emanations of the Spirit in order to form any individual being. Human beings tend to lock themselves up into their luminous cocoons, due to the constant self-reflection that the egoic mind encourages. This sound will help you reconnect to your own energy and open your own individual love in order to strengthen its connection with Universal Love.

The meditation resonances, the mantras and all the information I am sharing for free on the blog (all without banners or ads) is the result of thousands of hours of work and experience accumulated over the past 25 years. If you feel like it, you can support me by making donations, either regularly or occasionally. In this way you will help me to continue spreading Emoenergetica.

When you receive sessions of Bioenergetic Resonance, by the fact of being my client and student, you are also collaborating and helping me in this purpose. Although not everyone is fond of energy therapies, if you know me, you will have realized that a very important part of the professional relationship we have is based on mutual trust. Using this trust is the best way to recommend me to your friends, relatives and acquaintances. Shared trust can allow people direct their steps into new territories, so all of us can benefit from this exciting work. Thank you all!

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