Bioenergetic Resonance

Emoenergetica, Neoshamanistic Psychology

Self-knowledge is the most important human challenge.

... Emoenergetica provides a novel model on life, the cosmos, the functioning of the mind, consciousness and human emotions. The study of one's own emotional core can lead us to understand the nature of the relationship with ourselves and the environment in which we live. The fundamental aspects of reality (expansion, entropy, fragmentation, contraction, unity and symmetry) are expressed in our nuclear emotions, as well as in everything that exists...

I'm re-publishing the first major update of the book through the blog. This is an extended version of the first edition. I will be posting, more or less, one chapter every Sunday throughout 2018 and probably part of 2019, until it is complete, for the first time in English!

The first version of the book, both on paper and in ebook is outdated. Click here or on the image of the book to visit the blog

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