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More than a therapy


Modernizing the connection with the Sacred

Through the Bioenergetic Resonance model I explain that our reality is twofold in nature. One part is that which we perceive and experience in our everyday world. This is the realm of physical matter and physical energies, the portion that is accessible through our ordinary senses. The other part of nature often remains hidden, the elusive world of subtle matter and subtle energies, accessible only to those who have developed their extraordinary senses, yet equally important, both for the balance of our body and for the good state of our mind.

The sessions I offer are much more than a therapy.

I have dedicated my life to exploring our subtle side and its relationship with the psyche and the body. Bioenergetic Resonance is a biological, psychological and transcendental model for energy healing and personal and spiritual discovery that delves into the nature of the human mind and soul. Through one of its fundamental parts, Emoenergetica, I approach emotions from an alternative perspective, seeing them as interconnected bands of energy that are part of our deepest essence as living beings. 

In this new era, scientific knowledge, technology, interconnectivity and reason should be a natural part of the spiritual person. But to feel complete, I believe we also need a holistic and integrative vision, as well as the audacity to explore territories outside the ordinary. This is a time of unprecedented opportunity, also in the field of energy healing and transcendent knowledge.

Chema Sanz

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