Bioenergetic Resonance


Instructions for activating the basic key:

For more than two decades I have been researching, developing and perfecting a very special kind of tools that I have called subtle power devices. Thanks to my former experience as a programmer and software developer, I have been able to take advantage of many of the principles I learned and used in those times, within the world of information technology, and derive them into the implementation of subtle machines that can be programmed and updated, to be used as assistants in different areas, such as energy healing, meditation and recapitulation. Until now, I had only given permission for their use, both the meditation mantra and the recapitulation mantra, to my clients and students. But I had long been thinking about the possibility of opening some of its basic functions to the general public. That time has come. 

The basic key opens the possibility of using the Emoenergetic recapitulation mantra, the Emoenergetica meditation mantra and the Bioenergetic resonances (sounds) for meditation. Even opening only the basic functions, the tools offered here are much more advanced compared to almost any other similar thing you have found elsewhere.

Without having activated the key in you, the mantra of recapitulation will not work for you at all, the mantra of meditation will only work as any other repetitive sound that you use to meditate, but without being enabled its bioenergetic programming, and the sounds for meditation will work only in its conventional part, since, in addition to its bioenergetic programming, the audio is specifically designed to help you enter and maintain a state of meditation more easily.

After having activated it the first time, if you want to continue enjoying the advantages of the basic key, you will have to reactivate it on your own on the 1st and 15th of each month, otherwise it will be automatically deactivated. This has several purposes: on the one hand, in this way you make the conscious decision to put your intent to continue using and practicing what you are being offered, and on the other hand, it allows me to obtain rough statistics on how many people are using these tools, thanks to the fact that you have to revisit this page if you want to reactivate the key. Also, if there were new features or announcements, you would find out right away.

You can activate the key any day, bearing in mind that it will only remain active during the current fortnight, being deactivated at 12:00am (central European time) on the 2nd and 16th of each month. The key for the new fortnight can be reactivated from 12:00am on days 1 and 15 of every month; both the previous and current fortnight's keys will work these days to give you time to activate the new one.

If you are receiving regular sessions of Bioenergetic Resonance with me (weekly or every two weeks), you do not need to activate or re-activate the basic key, since in each session I am activating for you the premium key, which offers access to the full functions of the mantras and the meditation resonances.

To activate the basic key you just have to look at the center of the picture above and count mentally from 1 to 10. That is all you need. Keep in mind that activation through the photo only works if you are on this page (or in its Spanish version).

The chapter on how to meditate is in the blog, you can click here.

During the month of August the chapters about the recapitulation topic will appear in the blog.

You can listen to and download the meditation resonances by clicking here. Please, make sure you have read the warnings before using them.

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The meditation resonances, the mantras and all the information I am sharing for free on the blog (all without banners or ads) is the result of thousands of hours of work and experience accumulated over the past 25 years. If you feel like it, you can support me by making donations, either regularly or punctually. In this way you will help me to continue spreading Emoenergetica.

When you receive sessions of Bioenergetic Resonance, by the fact of being my client and student, you are also collaborating and helping me in this purpose. Although not everyone is fond of energy therapies, if you know me, you will have noticed that a very important part of the professional relationship we have is based on mutual trust. Using this trust is the best way to recommend me to your friends, relatives and acquaintances. Shared trust can make people direct their steps into new territories, so all of us can benefit from this exciting work. Thank you!

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