Bioenergetic Resonance

Individual Sessions

Bioenergetic Resonance is an energy therapy and a spiritual healing system. It takes into account not only the different parts, but the individual as a unit and also their relationship with their environment. You can use it as a supportive therapy if you have health problems and also as a path of emotional, personal and spiritual growth in any case.

Bioenergetic Resonance sessions last from 30 to 40 minutes and are received weekly or every two weeks. During a session I do what I call bioenergetic readings and adjustments.

The aim of aural READINGS is to obtain specific parameterized data that I use for doing the appropriate adjustments in each case and any time. I detect, for example, blockages in chakras or other subtle systems as well as in emotional memory files concerning your past.

Bioenergetic ADJUSTMENTS are specialized interventions that, during the session, I do in your aura, which is a second body of subtle energy that we possess in addition to the physical one. By adjusting I intensify the energy of that energy field, while working to unlock its internal circuits as well as the channels of energy connection you have with your environment and the people who are part of your life. The result is a greater bioenergetic balance, better circulation of vital energy through the energy field.

I perform these manoeuvres thanks to an effective and non-ordinary use of my perception, awareness, intent and thought skills developed through constant training and professional practice over the last 22 years. I do it without touching physically and completely free of any kind of ritualism.

In addition, in the sessions you will be advised and assess on the different aspects that you propose and need to work as well as on the topics that appear in your aural readings. I also teach you relaxation techniques, meditation, recapitulation as well as an alternative and transcendent vision of life and emotions through Emoenergetica. As a result, you may gain greater self-knowledge as a human being.

It could be said that my services are those of a modern spiritual guide, a neo-chaman, someone who perceives life from a non-ordinary perspective and who "sees" the world and the spiritual energy of which we are part as something normal and inseparable from the rest. I have chosen this term because traditionally the shaman has been the bridge between the world of energy and the everyday world and that is what I do. That is why I feel close to the term for want of a better one, although I find myself at the opposite extreme of the methods and traditions with which it has usually been related, since they seem to me to be a thing of the past. My sessions are completely free of eccentricities, so common in some circles of the "spiritual" world. I have a particular knowledge of the human mind and soul. I know many of the mechanisms through which they relate to emotions, the physical body and the environment. You may also be a student of life and become a specialist about yourself.

If you live in Zaragoza (Spain) the sessions can be done face-to-face in my practice. In any case, they can also be done by videoconference or telephone. The price for each session is 50€ (21% VAT included). 

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Face-to-face or via Skype, it is the same

Everything is connected in the universe. From a very young age I was fascinated by the stories of shamans in which they talked about the possibilities of perceiving and acting in the distance. This curiosity made me investigate this kind of possibilities within energy therapies. Today I am an expert in perceiving and adjusting the energetic-subtle human field or aura at a distance, which has opened many possibilities for me and for people who want to enjoy, heal and grow through Bioenergetic Resonance regardless of where in the world they live.

I was one of the first therapists to start using videoconferencing to do the sessions back in 2004. Internet offers us the possibility to break the distance and videoconference works well enough to establish a fluid and personal communication. Remote sessions have exactly the same dynamics as face-to-face ones. An appointment is made and then, when the time comes we connect through SKYPE. You need to have a broadband internet connection and a computer with a webcam, smartphone or tablet. This remote modality can also be used if you live in Zaragoza and one day for whatever reason it's bad for you to come to my office. 

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