Bioenergetic Resonance



We are energy, clusters of self-conscious emotions.

Emoenergetica is a fundamental part of Bioenergetic Resonance. Although I had already been thinking about it for some time, it was at the beginning of 1999 when I started to get serious about the task of developing a model that would be able of explaining what emotions are and, in particular, of identifying a minimum number of them that would work as fundamental components in the whole range of feelings that a human being is capable of experiencing.

One of the first conclusions I reached was that emotions appeared to be a mechanism through which the individuals relate to themselves and to reality – a kind of hue that amplifies and adorns the experience offered by the senses. Sensory data inform us about the nature of what we perceive and emotions add an extra layer of information about how the environment influences us. I devoted a good deal of time during the following years to exploring and carrying out bioenergetic readings, trying to discern each of those elements that I later called core emotions. At the most basic level, the world affects us by stimulating in us feelings of desire or rejection, pleasure or pain, which in turn are expressed through behaviors or activities such as attack-effort, protection-rest, search-acquisition, continuation-expansion, paralysis-defense or flight-separation.

Between 2008 and 2010 I immersed myself in a period of research, which finally culminated in the definitive set of what were to become the six emotions of the Emoenergetica model. You will easily identify four of them: joy, fear, sadness and love. Nevertheless, the other two will probably seem strange to you: motive force and recreation. The choice of these emotions was based on their individual properties and because I could perceive each one of them as a unique and distinct resonance or tone.

Then came the great challenge of ascertaining if there was any law that could bring these emotions all together. At a certain moment, after several more months of performing readings, and still with doubts about whether the model could come to fruition, I found myself surprised by the beauty and simplicity of the final result. A single diagram, which I called the emotional core or emohedro, perfectly integrated the six emotions together with the relationships that existed among them.

The study of the emotional core can illustrate how the individual that we are (or, indeed, how any system or living being) interacts with him or herself and with the environment. It is a naturally decentralized system, therefore, its optimal functioning is achieved when no emotion prevails over the others. I have called this organizational modality complementarity without dominance. I promptly realized that the core emotions are, reflect and interpret the fundamental aspects already existing in nature and the Universe (expansion, entropy, fragmentation, contraction, unity and symmetry). This has led me in recent years to evolve Emoenergetica from a psychological model into a cosmological one. The concrete aspect of reality, where it is possible to find organized information – the Tonal – is configured by means of these same structures, the six foundations, one of its manifestations being what we experience as emotions.

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