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Modernizing the connection with the sacred

The figure of the shaman in certain cultures embodies the intermediary between the spiritual and physical worlds. In the model of Bioenergetic Resonance it is stated that our reality is formed by a double nature, one physical, accessible to a point by our ordinary senses and experienced in our everyday world, and the other energy-subtle in its essence, being accessible only through the extraordinary senses, which tend to be more or less dormant in most people. The subtle realm is the domain of the true shaman. However, I don't feel close to traditional shamanism. I'm not interested in drugs or rituals or the archaic and stale beliefs that are a fundamental part of most of these disciplines.

I am an explorer of consciousness, I can modify my perception and see what very few see. I have developed a whole system of energetic and spiritual healing, the Bioenergetic Resonance. I have created a cognitive and perceptual model that delves into the nature of the human mind and soul, the Emoenergetica. I perceive emotions as bands of energy, I explain, delimit and relate them as few have done so far. So when I categorize myself as a "neo-shaman" it is on the one hand a declaration of affinity and on the other hand the expression of the desire that some of us will be able to leave behind definitively an old, burdened and simplistic luggage that is still very present in the spiritual world and alternative therapies. I believe that we need to renew ourselves, to bring into the 21st century only the essence of the old that serves us to evolve, banishing everything else, leaving space for knowledge instead of belief, for innovation instead of superstition.

In this new age, scientific knowledge, technology, interconnectivity and rationality have to be a natural part of the spiritual human being, along with the audacity to explore unconventional territories. This is a time of unprecedented opportunities in human history. Emoenergetica is also part of those opportunities that have rarely been available in the past.

It is my hope that the Witches' Revolution will be possible in this century. Free of superstitions, educated, reasonable and sober, the witches (males and females) of the third millennium should be masters of consciousness, of healing, of perception and specialists in the knowledge of the human mind, both on its rational side and on its magical side. Although it is difficult for this revolution to take place, here is my grain of sand.

Chema Sanz

Texts and Photographs © Chema Sanz 2019