Bioenergetic Resonance

Soul Healing. Personal Advicer. Spiritual Coaching.

1996-2019: 23 years of experience devoted to healing and personal growth▹

Looking inward to change your world

The revolution necessary to change things is the knowledge of oneself▹

Professional accompaniment in disease processes.

Spiritual Coaching

You have everything that you wanted, you have achieved success, if so, where is your happiness?▹

Self-esteem and the connection with your centre as the basis for everything else

Loving oneself is more than a nice topic. Dare to make it happen▹


Modernizing the connection with the sacred

In certain cultures, the figure of the shaman embodies the intermediary between the spiritual and physical worlds. The Bioenergetic Resonance model affirms that our reality is formed by a double nature, a physical one, accessible up to a point by our ordinary senses and experienced in our everyday world, and another with a subtle-energetic kind, accessible only through the extraordinary senses, which are usually more or less asleep in most people. The subtle realm is the domain of the shaman.

However, I do not feel close to traditional shamanism; I am not interested in drugs or rituals, which are often a fundamental part of these disciplines. Neither is my path the one followed by Carlos Castaneda or other shamans of our time, since I do not belong to a lineage or tradition. In the case of Castaneda, I share personal preference and experience a good part of the core of his theoretical principles since I have been able to live in the first person and understand at least an important part of his postulates.

I am an explorer of consciousness, I can modify my perception and see what very few see. I have developed a whole system of energetic and spiritual healing, the Bioenergetic Resonance. I have created a cognitive and perceptual model that delves into the nature of the human mind and soul, the Emoenergetica. I perceive emotions as bands of energy, I explain, delimit and relate them as few people have done until now. So when I categorize myself as a "neo-shaman" it is, on the one hand, a declaration of affinity and, on the other hand, an expression of the desire that some of us should definitely be able to leave behind a stale, heavy and simplistic part that is still very much present in the spiritual world and in alternative therapies.

I believe that we need to renew ourselves, to bring into the present only the essence of the old that serves us to evolve, banishing everything else, leaving room for knowledge rather than belief and innovation rather than superstition. I'm not claiming I've achieved this, but I am working on it. In this new era, scientific knowledge, technology, interconnectivity and reason must be a natural part of the spiritual human being, along with the audacity to explore territories beyond the conventional.

This is a time of unprecedented opportunity in human history. Emoenergetica is also part of those opportunities that have rarely been available in the past.

Texts and Photographs © Chema Sanz 2019