Bioenergetic Resonance


The Bioenergetic Resonance system, Emoenergetica, and the rest of the services offered in this website, do not replace medical treatments. No medical diagnosis is made through them.

If you have health problems, it is your responsibility to see your physician.

Being a user of these systems is compatible with medical treatment.

The individual sessions do not use aggressive techniques that may affect the physical integrity of the user, since in the practice of Bioenergetic Resonance do nor involve touching or manipulating of the physical body.

Under no circumstances should you ask me for advice about medical or pharmacological treatments, since this role belongs to the medical doctors and not to me.

The sessions are held in a context of absolute confidentiality.

It is not allowed to record the sessions with electronic devices (nor audio or video), or take photographs, regardless of whether the session is being done in person, by telephone or videoconference.

If you book a session and want to bail on or change it within the 48 days before the appointment (or you don't attend), you will still have to pay for it. Then, unless you tell me otherwise, you will normally receive the adjustment session at the programmed time, in a non-presential way.

The hiring of any of the services offered on this website assumes the acceptance and understanding of this disclaimer by the client. 

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