Bioenergetic Resonance

“Practitioner Degree” Training in Bioenergetic Resonance

The model has grown tremendously in recent years. That is why I am pausing the training to be able to properly integrate everything that has been developed. The admission of new students for the Bioenergetic Resonance will be closed during 2018 at the earliest.

The practitioner degree training is mainly aimed at health and psychology professionals, although not exclusively.

The duration of the training is two years, during which individual therapy sessions are combined with training in the different disciplines of extrasensory perception and subtle energy management that concern Bioenergetic Resonance. It is essential to have received at least one year of regular individual sessions before the bioenergetic resonance formation, although this does not guarantee admission.

Although there is no date for restart of the practitioner, if you are interested, you can send a resume and a cover letter, as well as arrange an interview by videoconference. 

Texts and Photographs © Chema Sanz 2018